White’s Tasting Club

What Is It?

We’re always experimenting with flavours and working towards getting the perfect combinations. That’s where we need your help. Pretty simple. We want you to eat food (on the house) and share your thoughts on what you think.

How it works?

We’ll let you know a few days in advance, what we’ll be cooking or prepping up. If the food needs cooking, we’ll do this fresh and come and deliver to you. All we ask, is that you provide us detailed feedback on the food. You’ll receive a questionnaire after you’ve tried the food.

Want to join White’s Tasting Club?

We just need to make sure a couple of things. At the moment, you’ll need to be based in Nottingham City and ideally to have ordered in the past. If that’s all good

Just fill out this form below and when we have something for you to trial, we’ll be in touch via email (just make sure we don’t slide into your spam box!).

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