We love fried chicken!

what an awful Rep It’s Gotten Over The Years.

We’re changing that!

* good quality ingredients

* packed full of flavour

* no dodgy additives

* homemade by you

* in a few simple steps

fried chicken… forget the colonel, meet the general!

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white's gourmet fried chicken

What we’re About

White’s Gourmet Fried Chicken

Amazing Fried Chicken since 2017

white fried chicken

We’ve been serving our White’s Gourmet Fried Chicken in Nottingham since 2017. Since then, we’ve built a cult following in Nottingham (check out our reviews). People that try us, love us. So far, we’ve let those who try our fried chicken, spread the good word.

We closed the Chicken Coop (our kitchen) but spent all hours of the day, working behind the scenes to help you recreate our magic in your own kitchens.

Pretty simple. We put you at the centre, by giving you everything you need to elevate your Fried Chicken game. Join us on our journey and we’ll play the Wingman in your kitchen.

Let’s Go

whites chicken
Crunchy Bird Dusted Fried Chicken

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